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Re: lynx-dev Win95 (compiled) won't start

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Win95 (compiled) won't start
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 20:10:00 -0500 (EST)

981030 Benjamin Sittler wrote: 
> 981030 Manan Shah expanded a bit:
>> i just got Lynx, but when I start it, it says it has performed
>> an illegal operation and will be terminate.
>> I am running windows 95 and the lynx version is 2.8.
>> THe lynx is already compiled and I got it from
>> The directory LYNX.COM is in is "C:\lynx2-8//samples/"
> 1. I think Lynx is supposed to be an EXE file, not a COM file.
> 2. This suggests that you called your download ''
> when in fact it is an EXE file or a ZIP file.
> 3. Try renaming it to simply ''
> and opening it with WinZip or something similar (pkunzip, etc.)

yup: i just went to  & followed their links:
what you get is from the regular Lynx distribution point.
so i would advise going to
& downloading directly from there.
you'll then have to unzip it (above), then compile it:
see the clear & detailed instructions in INSTALLATION.
if you run into problems anywhere along the way, ask again here:
it shouldn't be too difficult if you do carefully what it says.

> 4. If that fails, try renaming it to 'lynx.exe' and running it.
you can TRY this first, just in case, but i doubt if it'll work.

send your messages to lynx-dev & look for replies in the Archive
at .

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