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Re: lynx-dev Some more security issues in Lynx...

From: Heikki Kantola
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Some more security issues in Lynx...
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 12:04:04 +0200

According to Bela Lubkin <address@hidden>:
> Tom Dickey wrote: 
> > > What is snprintf? 
> > It is an 'sprintf' that allows you to specify a buffer limit.  There's
> > a couple of flavors that it comes in (and they're incompatible).  I guess
> > it's available on roughly half of the compilers people are using now.
> I would guess more like 80%.

I would say that's too much, for example of the three Unicen I've
access to, digital UNIX 4.0, HP-UX 10.20 and Solaris 2.6, only the last
one provides snprintf().

> > (I don't believe it's either ANSI or POSIX - but it is present in Solaris).

In Solaris 2.6 and newer yes, earlier version didn't have it (I know
this because I once compiled Mutt, which uses snprintf() (native if
available, compiles own implementation if not), under 2.6 while there 
was still also 2.5 machine, where that binary then failed to run...

> I could be mistaken, but I think snprintf() has made it into the latest
> Unix standards (the Open Group's Unix98, and presumably the underlying
> XPG4.2 standard).

Could be, but there's still many older systems around for sure.

Heikki "Hezu" Kantola, <address@hidden>
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