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Re: lynx-dev A question about downloading in lynx....

From: Serge MUNHOVEN
Subject: Re: lynx-dev A question about downloading in lynx....
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 21:34:36 +0100

On Thu, Nov 12, 1998 at 05:35:41PM +0200, VictorAs wrote:
 >  On Thu, 12 Nov 1998, Leonid Pauzner wrote:
 >  :-) >>      I have a problem when i download tgz files....
 >  :-) >> I want to mail that files(ostream*) but i cant, in my lynx version 
 > exist
 >  :-) >> only save to a file, but i have a quota on my server and i cant 
 > download
 >  :-) >> files biger than 1.5 Mbytes...
 >  :-) >> Can i configure my lynx to mail that kind of files to an specific 
 > e-mail
 >  :-) >No, only text files can be e-mailed currently (From 'P'rint menu).
 >  :-) >
 >  :-) >> address?
 >  :-) >> If i can please tell me how...
 >  :-) >Try reading lynx.cfg about DOWNLOADER:
 >  :-) >probably Zmodem or ftp may be your case.
 >  :-) >
 >  :-) >> Thanks...
 >  :-) >>                                               Victor
 >  :-) >
 >            Yes but i want to configure it to can mail the files, can 
 >        anyone tell me exact what to do?
 >         :-) Thanks, 
 >                      Victor.
 >  :-) >
 >  :-) >
But once you get to the DOWNLOADER menu, you have already transferred the
complete big file to your local host, as far as I understand. Lynx stores
them in some place (/var/tmp in my case) and "Save to disk" (and other
DOWNLOADERs) actually act on that temporary file. Note that "Save to disk"
*copies* the file, which doubles the required diskquotas if the temporary
file also eats on them. It may be possible to circumvent this by defining an
entry that rather *moves* the file to its final location (depending on how
the system's "move" works).

Anyway, I wonder if many mailers allow you to send a stream of incoming data
rather than a complete existing local file (any expert opinion ?). In addition
your binary data will have to be encoded for standard mail transport (8bit
cleaness is not guaranteed). Guess the mailer will again help itself with an
even larger temporary file ...

As to an actual DOWNLOADER entry to mail the file, it heavily depends on your
system, especially your mailer's capability and flags to encode and attach

 - Serge

PS: "Jeu de car." abbreviated for "Jeu de caractères" - "Character set".
(Yes, I know French better than C).

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