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lynx-dev LYNX: "L"-page: PLEASE add "titles" too

From: David Combs
Subject: lynx-dev LYNX: "L"-page: PLEASE add "titles" too
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 05:33:07 -0800 (PST)

I have asked this before.

How much of a pain would it be for the parser to grab the 
"title" associated with the www-addr that lynx goes-to,
and on the "L"-page, to display that title out to the

It would make a HUGE improvement in the usefulness of that
special page:

.  For small screens, would throw FAR more info onto the screen
    (useful info, that is) when you are on a "links" page (a page
    full of links, in middle of paragraphs, not all nicely
    lined up vertically) -- you look at THAT rather than
    the main page.

    (option: any headers, you COULD show them too, optionally --
     ie the user chooses).

.   Would make it FAR easier for the BLIND.

     (each ref and title would have SAME format)


The problem now is that you often want to see the address,
not just the title, when choosing the next place to go to,
ie "try" (takes TIME to go to a place you merely back up

eg an .edu tells you a lot about the site, vs a .com.  Likewise
an .org.

But when you hit "L", you lose all context, all titles.  Unless
they are all related, eg chapters in a book with the files
having meaningful names, OR lots of them have "#foo" suffixes
on the SAME base name(s) -- telling you to NOT go to those
pseudo-separate pages (because one download gets ALL the 
#-suffix parts at once, in ONE big page) -- ie telling you
you are 100% wasting your time to download those things,
they are all the same file... <this sentence has gotten too

Except for those very useful uses, L isn't so great.

BUT, with the TITLES too -- WOW, what a feature!


Isn't it often pretty easy to grab the title?

In fact, you ALREADY HAVE IT on the "V" page,
and on the history page as well.

Just show it TO THE RIGHT (lots of us have wide screens) and
let it wrap (indented!) if necessary.


Does anyone else see a need for this extra info?



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