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Re: lynx-dev Cookie+PostQuery+Dump_Immediately bug :)

From: brian j. pardy
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Cookie+PostQuery+Dump_Immediately bug :)
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 19:28:22 -0800

I wrote:
> Taking a look at the code you mentioned, it looks to me like you're right.
> Does anyone know a reason for the current behavior? It definitely seems
> wrong to me.
> Will have a patch soon-ish to take care of this, unless someone has a
> reason against it..

On second thought, maybe I won't. It looks like weird things are done with
dump_output_immediately. If someone else wants to take a look at this too,
it'd be a good thing. It's confusing me. :)

If you can lead it to water and force it to drink, it isn't a horse.

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