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Re: lynx-dev lynx 2.8.2dev.4 vs

From: dickey
Subject: Re: lynx-dev lynx 2.8.2dev.4 vs
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 13:44:57 -0500 (EST)

> I do hope all these problems that Larry V. is finding get 
> fixed in the configure etc, and NOT just by some instructions 
> "for Solaris get this, and this, and be sure to do this, and 
> that, hand hack these lines in the makefile, etc, etc" -- 

Yes - that's the general rule.  I do add special ifdef's for the places
where I cannot make configure-tests (non-Unix platforms such as VMS).

For the varargs/stdarg differences, it had been a while since I'd coded
that (since all of the other programs that I had as a model I'd converted
to stdarg a couple of years ago).  For whatever reason, I made an error in
the varargs case (unlike stdarg, the called function must start processing
the argument list from the beginning).

> hopefully so that making on solaris is FULLY AUTOMATIC. 

> I myself am simply WAITING until Larry, by his emails to 
> the list, seems satisfied, BEFORE I go re-download a fresh & 
> fixed version and try it on MY sparc/solaris. 
> Seeing so many problems from larry, I haven't even TRIED 
> to compile the version I downloaded two weeks ago... 
> --- re "prefix": 
> By the way, like lots of people, I will have to use "prefix=" 
> somewhere, since, like with lots of people, I followed sun's 
> (implicit) instructions and made all these various file-systems, 
> and now there's not enough room to install anything on /usr/local. 

when I test the prefix stuff, I usually install into /tmp/BUILD, and
check that it works properly from that location.
> (Yes, I now know better: have maybe just TWO filesystems: 
> root, and one for everything else; that's it.  Will do it that 
> way when I install solaris 2.7, which just arrived two days 
> ago.  Will do this in what, 6 months?  (safety)) 
> But please add instructions and hints re this PREFIX stuff, 
> eg hints and tricks via symbolic links in /usr/local, etc. 
> David 
> PS: what a NEAT program this lynx is -- and what a LOT of HARD 
> work you guys are doing.  And Hooray, too, that Klaus is back, 
> and seems REALLY eager to work! 

Thomas E. Dickey

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