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lynx-dev lynx problem

From: Larry Greenfield
Subject: lynx-dev lynx problem
Date: Sun, 6 Dec 1998 00:44:52 -0800

Hi.  I use lynx a lot because I use an old trs80 terminal computer,
but on my own web page, there's one URL that I have in a "links" area
that lynx will not even recognize (it says "badly formed") and I
don't know why... other browsers support it and work ok
(IE, NN, etc).  Please check it out and let me know what I can
do to fix it.

The part of my web page to check out:

Towards the bottom are a lot of links.  Go to link #26
(for a site called "Jim's CoCo Page").  Lynx refuses to
go there, saying it's badly formed or something, yet when
I use netscape or internet explorer it works.
Can you let me know?  Thanks
(PS: I *DO* use lynx all the time, and love that it's
out there!) :)

Larry Greenfield
EMail: address@hidden

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