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lynx-dev more on Hotmail not working

From: David Rovinsky
Subject: lynx-dev more on Hotmail not working
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 00:15:29 -0400 (EDT)

I've tried Hotmail on a couple of flavors of Lynx, and, once again, it
still works, but only with certain versions.  Last time this happened,
Lynx at the 2.8 level worked, while earlier versions failed.  Now, 2.8
doesn't work (details below), but 2.6 is now working perfectly with
Hotmail.  At least this week.  I didn't get around to trying to connect
with 2.7 yet. 

Here's the problem.  In 2.8, when I try to compose a message, and then
submit the message form, I get bounced back to and
the message isn't sent.  Once I'm logged in, if I reload the in-box my
messages disappear.  Same goes for when I call up one of the folders.

But there's a loophole:  use backspace to get the links visited page, and
go to the very first page of Hotmail (where I logged in); when I do that,
my messages are there, as normal.  There are a couple of ways to navigate
to the In-Box, and now only some of those ways work in Lynx.

I'm just a Lynx user, not a coder, so I won't try to guess why 2.6 works
where 2.8 fails now.

But the thrust of previous messages is correct--Microsoft really doesn't
want us logging into Hotmail via Lynx and is trying to drive home the
point here.

Dave R.
Albany, New York, USA

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