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lynx-dev Re: [-dev.12] experimental text entry fields patch (updated)

From: Kim DeVaughn
Subject: lynx-dev Re: [-dev.12] experimental text entry fields patch (updated)
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 17:57:53 -0800

On Thu, Jan 07, 1999, I said:
| One thing that I've now (unfortunately) noticed, is that some of the
| time, when the edited/converted text is "submitted", some extraneous
| bits of text coming from elsewhere on the original page (not out of
| a text entry area), are getting appended to the edited text submitted.
| Usually this random text appears a couple of lines below the text that
| was submitted, and is usually from about 3 to 10 chars in length, or
| so.  It does NOT appear in the editor's buffer, on subsequent CONVERT-
| EDIT's performed in the same field (ie, it never makes it into the
| created temp file).
| It seems to be fairly "random" in nature, and when it *does* happen,
| it seems to occur with the same text entry field(s), but never (seems
| to) happen in other text entry fields.  Similarly, the extraneous text
| isn't necessarily the same, from use to use.  Sigh.

One other bit of information that I've just noticed, that may help to
characterize/isolate this problem:

When some garbage text is getting added to a CONVERTED text entry field
on submission, it seems that subsequent submit's of the page (with no
changes made to the text field, etc), will also have garbage appended,
BUT the actual garbage-text will vary on each "submit".


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