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lynx-dev "new anchor" message

From: Clair Wilson
Subject: lynx-dev "new anchor" message
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 14:35:25 -0500 (EST)


Does "new anchor" have anything to do with the problem ?

We have one rs6000 upon which lynx is functional. I traced lynx there in
order to look for trace differences.
I don't see the "new anchor" message coming out on the lynx which is
functioning properly. However, it comes out every time on the lynx which
is failing. So here is the "new anchor" message.
What do you think ? This must somehow be related to thge problem.
Why does lynx think that it needs a "new anchor" ?

HTParse: aName:   relatedName:
HTParse: result:
Entered HTAnchor_findAddress
New anchor 200e1c18 has hash 68 and address `'
HTAccess: loading document
HTParse: aName:   relatedName:file:
HTParse: result:http
HTParse: aName:   relatedName:
HTParse: aName:   relatedName:
HTParse: result:http
HTParse: aName:   relatedName:
Looking up

Thank You
Mr. Clair Wilson
Internet Administrator
Mainframe System Programmer
Information Services
Robert Packer Hospital
Sayre, Pa.


phone 717-882-5389
fax   717-882-5330

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