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Re: lynx-dev next/prev link

From: Bela Lubkin
Subject: Re: lynx-dev next/prev link
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 22:28:53 -0800

Klaus Weide wrote:

> Are you aware that <TAB> already does something like this?  Except that,
> like the normal NEXT_LINK, it does't go to the next screen unless the last
> "link" (or textarea line) on the screen is selected.

Yes, that's why I proposed <TAB> for the new function.  Basically I'd
like it to do the same as the current <TAB>, except for two details:
skip pages which have no links, and visit textareas only once, rather
than once for each line of the area.

Hmmm.  Ok, I *remembered* that <TAB> visited each line of a textarea,
but apparently that memory is false.  Maybe it used to work that way.

So I guess I'm just in agreement with dkcombs (I think was the person
requesting it): make <TAB> skip pages with nothing to visit (links, form

> TAB acts different from other keys, even if they all show NEXT_LINK
> in the 'K'eymap page...  See FASTTAB in LYMainLoop.c.
> I wouldn't mind if this different behavior of <TAB> were made explicit,
> by giving it a different function that appears as such on the 'K' page.
> It seems to make sense to have that function behave as you describe.

Yes, indeed.  The #ifdef FASTTAB code which explicitly tests " c=='\t' "
is wrongly hard coded.  Make it go through the usual command binding


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