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lynx-dev X-windows problem (was emacs/Lynx)

From: Philip Webb
Subject: lynx-dev X-windows problem (was emacs/Lynx)
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 18:25:01 -0500 (EST)

990218 Thomas Dickey wrote: 
>> From: <address@hidden> 
>> In Lynx options, I have  emacs  as my editor, so when I press  e ,
>> the emacs window is spawned on top of the lynx window in the X environment.
> I don't use emacs on my home machine, so I don't know the answer.
i also noted this as an `unanswered query':
part of the problem may be that Instructor gave a misleading Subject,
which is really how to manipulate the X environment
to get a certain set-up with emacs & Lynx.

>> The lynx window goes blank.  I want them to be working simultaneously.
>> The solution is to spawn emacs in the background.
>> For this I put an ampersand, which makes them independent.
>> The problem is the emacs window is a scratch buffer.
>> I need to find out the variable that contains the page name.
>> Many people, I am sure have found out how to do this
>> can someone drop an explanation and some more good customisation ideas
>> that they really enjoyed using during their experience with lynx?

people at lynx-dev don't mention X-windows very often,
but you may be luckier in getting an expert with a clearer Subject;
otherwise, you may be better off trying an X-windows list.

>> the emacs spawned in the X environment has double spacing.
>> It seems that it is due to the html environment or macros being loaded.
>> How do I find out where macros are located and what are being loaded?
>> Then how do I go about figuring out how to modifying them to fix this? 

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