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lynx-dev help: mime.types file seems inactive (fwd)

From: Chris Gray
Subject: lynx-dev help: mime.types file seems inactive (fwd)
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 15:05:17 -0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

I'm trying to teach LYNX v2.8 to give the "download" dialog for .mp2
and .mP3 files similarly to how it does for .zip files.  Right
now when I choose a link to .mp2 for instance, LYNX spends lots of time
loading the file then drops back to the original link and I can't
save the file that was just read.  

I created the following file called mime.types in my c:\lynx subdir:

     audio/x-wav wav
     audio/x-mpeg mp2
     audio/x-mpeg mp3

In lynx.cfg I uncommented the globalextnesions and personal_extensions
lines, but still no change.

Also I tried a few stumbling changes in mailcap, but still no dice.

Finally I changes the list of suffixes to include these items.  These
lines are below.


So far, none of this works.  However, .wav and .zip files can be
downloaded just fine.  Am I correct that an entry, properly done in
mime.t ypes or Suffixes, will trigger a download?  Any advice?

Thanks a lot.

Chris Gray

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