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Re: lynx-dev [dev17] patch with new TEXTAREA commands, etc.

From: Bela Lubkin
Subject: Re: lynx-dev [dev17] patch with new TEXTAREA commands, etc.
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 15:53:08 -0800

Jacob Poon wrote:

> On Wed, 24 Feb 1999, Kim DeVaughn wrote:
> > Here is the latest TEXTAREA patch for -dev.17.  It provides:
> > 
> >  1. A new command named GROWTEXTAREA, which adds 5 new, blank lines to
> >     the bottom of a TEXTAREA when executed.  It does not have a default
> >     binding, so you need to add a KEYMAP for it in your lynx.cfg.  The
> >     number of lines added is fixed by a #define, but 5 seems to be a
> >     "reasonable" increment to use, IMO.
> Does it really need a key binding at all?  If Lynx grows and shrinks
> TEXTAREA automatically, then there isn't much point to manually execute
> GROWTEXTAREA anyway.  But since AUTOGROW is optional, for the sake of
> flexibility, GROWTEXTAREA should be modifiable to add any number of lines
> at runtime, through the use of another lynx.cfg entry. 

If the user needs control of how many lines to insert, I would make it
interactive rather than another hidden setting.  That is, you hit
GROWTEXTAREA and it prompts you:

  Add how many blank lines? _

> >  3. By default, when the cursor is on the last line of a TEXTAREA, if
> >     you hit the ENTER key, a new line will be added to the TEXTAREA, with
> >     the cursor positioned on it.  If that should happen at the bottom of
> >     the screen, a DOWN_HALF scroll operation is (effectively) performed.
> > 
> >     Since at least one person objected to this automatic behavior when it
> >     was discussed awhile back (BL, IIRC), I've ifdef'd this feature for
> >     easy disabling (and to make adding a ./configure option easier).  The
> >     symbol is AUTOGROW is #define'd in LYMainLoop.h.
> I rather see it as a runtime option instead of compile-time one.

It was my objection, and I withdraw it.  I would rather see this not be
an option.  TAB and up/down arrow keys will get you off a textarea;
using RETURN to traverse it doesn't make sense, especially since if you
hit one too many RETURNs, you activate a link.  So RETURN at the end of
a textarea might as well always be AUTOGROW.


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