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Re: lynx-dev Javascript

From: Lalo Martins
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Javascript
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 1999 21:05:52 -0300

On Mar 01, Bela Lubkin decided to present us with:
> As with any other major Lynx enhancement, this one will need to be
> easily disabled.  That includes:
>   - it should still be possible to build Lynx binaries without JS
>     support (and this should be the _default_, at least at first);

First thing I did :-) I believe it is very important to have
this disabled by default in the beginning, as it is highly
experimental code and may potentially cause weird behaviour.

---   Mon Feb  8 08:32:59 1999
+++        Sun Feb 28 20:15:45 1999
@@ -553,6 +553,14 @@
 test $use_filed_cookies != no && AC_DEFINE(EXP_PERSISTENT_COOKIES)
+AC_MSG_CHECKING(if experimental JavaScript support should be used)
+[  --enable-libjs          use experimental JavaScript support (Mozilla 
+       [use_libjs=$enableval],
+       [use_libjs=no])
+test $use_libjs != no && AC_DEFINE(EXP_LIBJS)
 AC_MSG_CHECKING(if color-style code should be used)
 [  --enable-color-style    use optional/experimental color style],

>   - administrators of public access sites will want to be able to
>     prevent anonymous users from using it, which means integration with
>     the "-anonymous" and "-restrictions" flags and probably a
>     system-wide override in lynx.cfg;

Uh, why? Unless it can access local files and do other things
that can be restricted, and in this case it should just use the
default restrictions (for example, if lynx isn't allowed to
access local local files, neither should javascripts).

>   - individual users will want to be able to control it, probably with a
>     variety of different levels, such as:

Yes, this is important. But surely someone will step forward
with a patch as soon as my code is released :-)

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