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Re: lynx-dev more cookie wackiness [revisited]

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: Re: lynx-dev more cookie wackiness [revisited]
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 02:55:19 -0600 (CST)

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, brian j pardy wrote:

> [...]              After skimming the tracelog I was sent, again, in
> an attempt to get information to send to schwab's webmaster and quote
> from spec to complain, I noticed a few things:

I simulated a page sending the same triple of Set-cookie headers (with
necessary modification of domain value) with a simple CGI script, traced
lynx, and come to a different conclusion - see below.

> First, these are the headers that the schwab server is sending to
> Lynx:
> Server: Netscape-Enterprise/3.6^M
> Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 01:19:40 GMT^M
> Content-type: text/html^M
> Expires: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 01:19:40 GMT^M
> Set-cookie: CustInfo=;; path=/; secure^M
> Set-cookie: CookieTest=YES;; path=/; secure^M
> Set-cookie: SessionInfo=;; path=/; expires=Mon, 
> 01-Jul-1996  01:00:00 GMT; secure^M
> Connection: close^M
> ^M
> When Lynx sends these off to LYCookie.c to process, we see this in
> the tracelog:

[ I hope those bogus spaces shown below aren't really there ]

> LYSetCookie called with host '', path '/trading',
>     and Set-Cookie: 'CustInfo=;; path=/; secure,           
>   CookieTest=YES;; path=/; secure, SessionInfo=; domain=.  
>; path=/; expires=Mon, 01-Jul-1996 01:00:00 GMT; secure'
> LYmktime: Parsing 'Mon, 01-Jul-1996 01:00:00 GMT'
> LYProcessSetCookie: attr=value pair: 'CookieTest=YES'

Remember what you're looking at - this is a trace from 2.8.1, not from
recent development code.

There is a problem with 2.8.1, in that its LYCookie.c doesn't have the
following change (in two places):

            /* if (!known_attr && value_end > value_start) */

            /* Is there any reason we don't want to accept cookies with
             * no value?  This seems to be needed for sites that reset a
             * cookie by nulling out the value.  If this causes problems,
             * we can go back to the original behavior above.  - BJP
            if (!known_attr) {

> Lynx is then discarding *ALL* of these cookies, because of that final
> expires= line, as far as I can tell.  The multiple Set-cookie: headers
> are being concatenated into a single string in HTTP.c:
> HTTP.c::1153:
>                       if (TOUPPER(*cp) != 'S') {
>                           cp++;
>                       } else if (!strncasecomp(cp, "Set-Cookie:", 11))  {
>                           char *cp1 = NULL, *cp2 = NULL;
>                           cp += 11;
> It then goes on to make them all one big string if I'm understanding
> this right.  

That's right, but it's all as it should be.  LYProcessSetCookies takes
that long string and parses it into single cookies plus their attributes.

What actually happens is that in 2.8.1 SessionInfo=; is not recognized
as the start of a new cookies.  Therefore the expires gets applied to
the previous (second) cookie.  The first cookie is also discarded, because
of its empty value in CustInfo=;.

OTOH, in 2.8.2dev.recent, CustInfo=; and SessionInfo=; are recognized
as starting new cookies, so this problem does not occur.  The first and
third cookies still don't get saved because of the empty value, they
are dropped later in store_cookie:
     * Don't add the cookie if the value is NULL. - BJP
    } else if (co->value[0] == '\0') {
        CTRACE(tfp, "store_cookie: Value is NULL! Not storing cookie.\n");
        co = NULL;

I have doubts that even this is right.  Is there anything in any of the
cookie specs that says a cookie value cannot have length zero?  If there
is nothing that says cookie values have to be non-empty, we should treat
a value of "" as any other value, i.e. store such a cookie and send it 
to the server in requests.

> I can't see anything in Netscape's cookie spec describing this either
> way, but I may have missed something.

Stop taking the Netscape cookie spec too serious - the RFCs / drafts are
much more useful, and are what the Lynx cookie implementation aims at

Anyway, the dropping of the 2nd cookie does not occur in 2.8.2dev -
that's a problem already solved by you, Brian, without knowing it. :) 


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