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Re: lynx-dev lynx2.8.2dev.19 patch #4 (UNSET_ARG from dev17)

From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: Re: lynx-dev lynx2.8.2dev.19 patch #4 (UNSET_ARG from dev17)
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 19:43:45 +0300 (MSK)

While checking dev19 I found out that one of my previous patches
is not integrated (fix very small so I re-send a letter instead of URL):

* fix display of -help output: (on/off) info was wrong for UNSET_ARG case.

17-Feb-99 16:05 I wrote:
While looking at -help output I found out the info on the current values
of the certain boolean states, just quote few lines:

Options are:
    -book            use the bookmark page as the startfile (off)
    -case            enable case sensitive user searching (off)
    -cookies         toggles handling of Set-Cookie headers (on)
etc., but:

    -noprint         disable print functions (off)
    -print           enable print functions (DEFAULT) (off)

    -rlogin          disable rlogins (on)
    -telnet          disable telnets (on)

In my example the print options are valid but we see contraversal info.
Several others oprions are misguided also (say, telnet is valid).
In fact, we have TOGGLE_ARG, SET_ARG and UNSET_ARG choices which should behave
differently when determining the current state. I think the boolean value
should be corresponding to a complete help string, e.g. "disable telnets",
not a suffix only.

The following fix proposed:

diff -u old/lymain.c ./lymain.c
--- old/lymain.c        Wed Feb 17 14:00:06 1999
+++ ./lymain.c  Wed Feb 17 15:34:26 1999
@@ -3033,8 +3033,10 @@
        switch (p->type & ARG_TYPE_MASK) {
            case TOGGLE_ARG:
            case SET_ARG:
-           case UNSET_ARG:
                sprintf(temp, "%s", *(q->set_value) ? "on" : "off");
+               break;
+           case UNSET_ARG:
+               sprintf(temp, "%s", *(q->set_value) ? "off" : "on");
            case INT_ARG:
                sprintf(temp, "%d", *(q->int_value));

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