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Re: lynx-dev tiny distribution (was: Dead Code, Part 2)

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev tiny distribution (was: Dead Code, Part 2)
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999 10:24:40 +0900 (JST)

> Hoping to squelch the griping about too-big-distributions, I've
> whipped up a makefile target called "save-tiny" which uses GNU tar
> "exclude" flags to skip files while making a tar. Please review this
> list (Henry especially) to see that I'm skipping what you want

My gripe has always been at-the-source, because that is what I need to
download over a rather slow connection (although it is now 10 times as
fast as it was last December). Yes, I understand your comment about just
downloading the patches. When they apply without problem, they're great.
When they don't, then it's usually less time consuming to just download
a fresh, complete distribution. Another problem happens occasionally
when I compile Lynx on my "student" machines which have <=120MB of total
disk space and are not hooked up to the lan (the distribution in that
case must be <1.2MB to get it on the floppy, but in fact must be half
again as small to unpack and compile it). I think there may also be
some people with not enough quota to unpack the 7MB+ of the present

> "save" target, you can do this without removing your compiled code.

I have a half dozen such targets to keep the maximum available within
the confines of limitations on particular machines. Looking at this one
from the point of view of "all-purpose" it looks good.

> --exclude $(lynxdir)/src/chrtrans/\*uni.h \

Just asking as I don't know, but will a code set with these removed
still compile?

I hope I'm not getting on people's nerves too much and stepping on other
people's feet. Just `d' my messages. Anyone who does anything for Lynx
is tops in my book. Jim, you're towards the top of that. If I sound
nasty sometimes, it's just that I'm an idealist for Lynx.


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