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lynx-dev patches & scheduling (was unhighlighting)

From: Philip Webb
Subject: lynx-dev patches & scheduling (was unhighlighting)
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 21:46:25 -0500 (EST)

990315 Vlad Harchev wrote: 
> please mail me or mailing list about patches I'm sending --
> whether they are accepted or not -- , rather than silently rejecting.

as you're new to lynx-dev, a few words of explanation.
one of the strengths/weaknesses is there's no Master of Ceremonies:
we're all volunteers, generally with very limited time available,
so the rules are very much `be self-reliant' & `try to read minds accurately'.
of course, the latter is often difficult & the former takes effort,
but somehow people get used to the feel of the process
& Lynx keeps moving steadily forwards.

TD usually says: "On my list", when he sees no immediate problem with a patch,
BUT at present he's doing  >= 3  other jobs simultaneously
& absence of response may not mean anything.
if your patch doesn't get included in the next .dev version,
the procedure is to make a polite inquiry what happened to it:
if TD didn't like something, it's then upto you to respond (patiently)
with some justification for what you did or a revised patch;
others may jump in with comments & that's how quality gets assured.

> When lynx-2.8.2 will be released?   
> I'm planning to try to write some other things: how much time do I have?

990315 Thomas Dickey replied: 
> it's a matter of when we can stop making large changes
> and focus on finishing the pending things that we started.
> I have two threads - the gettext and the HTSprintf0 -
> which are only  80 - 90 %  done;
> my understanding is that other people are in the same position.
> I'd rather not put it into pre-release & have people start adding features.
FWIW my rough guesstimate for Vlad would be  >= 2 months  for 2-8-2rel.1 ,
but it's best to keep sending patches as soon as you can produce them.

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