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Re: lynx-dev lynx2.8.2dev.19 patch #6 (em dash = --)

From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: Re: lynx-dev lynx2.8.2dev.19 patch #6 (em dash = --)
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 02:59:55 +0300 (MSK)

16-Mar-99 12:18 Klaus Weide wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Mar 1999, Leonid Pauzner wrote:

>> >> * — (&#x2014) now display as "--" (popular requests) - LP
>> >> *   now display as two   (popular requests),
>> >>   previous definition of HT_EM_SPACE now renamed to HT_EN_SPACE. - LP

> So, as far as I can reconstruct,
> - I put the "  " (two spaces) as replacement string for U+2003 (EM SPACE)
>   in def7_uni.tbl.
> - That didn't really get used by lynx in most common situations, but only
>   for attribute handling (somewhere else, maybe?).  Instead, the lynx
>   code recognized   (and other forms for it) specially, and
>   translated it to special char value '\002' HT_EM_SPACE.
> - You now made things more consistent between the def7_uni table and what
>   normally occurs, by changing the special handling, such that '\002' is
>   called HT_EN_SPACE, and   gets specially translated to two of
>   those.

> The whole process is still a bit of a mess - to not lose information
> (and enable lossless back-translation, say for form submissions), we'd
> need HT_EM_SPACE and HT_EN_SPACE and a bunch of other specials.
Well, there is a dozen of spaces in Unicode repertoire
but the real choice for us is a single space or a couple of spaces
(Fixed Font, anyway).

> (Since   seems to be more often used, there may be some lossage
> from now treating   as the primitive instead of  .  Well that's
In theory, we may introduce new HT_EM_SPACE (if we find a spare slot)
and expand it later via UCTransChar... so def7_uni.tbl will be the only place
for such tweaks if we decide to change it back and forth.

> all very theoretical.)

> Ayyway, my reservation about alway &emsp -> " " (two spaces) is mostly
> that this is another step in a direction I don't want: to give authors
> more detailed layout control than is good for us.  Some author thinks
> an   makes something "look better" in their GUI browser; should
> lynx try to follow along, or should it just try to render the
> "meaning" (whatever *that* means) of documents.

Probably you are right.

> I see   here as different from —.  — is a different
> character from '-' whose meaning could be confused.    isn't
> usually used to convey a different meaning from a single space, it's
> just a formatting tweak.

> Besides, the character translations are also used within PRE etc., and
> even in translated  plain text, so there is a good reason to leave
  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^no, no &emsp symbol in any 8bit font.
> one fixed-width char translated to one fixed-width char as often
> as possible.

> Anyway, do what you want with this case, as you'll do anyway, :)
> since the .tbl file already had two spaces anyway...

> Btw.,

>    U+2001:
>    U+2003:

> (there are two significant spaces at the end of both lines)
> should probably become
there is no universal solution, yours will restrict " char from the string.

>    U+2001 "  "
>    U+2003 "  "

> for better survival chances in mailed patches etc.
Yes, but the patches usually affect few lines only...

>    Klaus

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