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Re: lynx-dev HTML 4.0 (was Commenting... )

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev HTML 4.0 (was Commenting... )
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 10:18:13 -0400 (EDT)

990415 Michael Sobolev wrote: 
>>> Where is this documented?
>> In the Lynx help files:
>>  .../lynx2-8-2/lynx_help/lynx_url_support.html#mailto
> The page you specified contains an <em>example</em> how this could be done.
> What I was looking for was:
>   At any time while viewing documents within Lynx,
>   you may use the 'c' command to send a mail message
>   to the owner of the current document if the author of the document
>   has specified ownership (which is defined by the LINK element
>                            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>   where attribute REL has value either `made' or `owner').
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>   If no ownership is specified then comments are disabled.
>   Certain links called mailto: links will also allow you to send mail
>   to other people. Using the mail features within Lynx is straightforward.
> (The underlined is what I wanted to see. :)
> Finally I found that the documentation is incomplete. :)

a common occurrence ...
> In Lynx_users_guide.html#Banners I found the complete list
> of expected values for REL attribute of the LINK element.
> Among them I could find neither `made' nor `owner'.  
> Please take it as a plain fact. :)
health warning: trying to improve Lynx documentation can be painful.

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