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Re: lynx-dev extending the syntax of 'include' command in lynx.cfg

From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: Re: lynx-dev extending the syntax of 'include' command in lynx.cfg
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 16:11:34 +0400 (MSD)

15-Apr-99 05:52 Vlad Harchev wrote:

>   Also I have the following idea:
>  We can write the documentation for the lynx.cfg in html (and each option will
> have an anchor consisting of it's name). When adding new options/changing
> behaviour of the options, we will modify that html file. And we can write the

Looks nice and really easy to implement.
But this is a bad health for executable size: lynx.cfg currently of ~90K long,
HTML version will be larger by factor ~2 and this code should be built into
lynx binary. Also we should work around INCLUDED files in that case
(we may want to have one large file with all comments
but another with a only couple of lines for handy maintenance).

> script that will regenerate the comments in lynx.cfg automatically: (by
> cutting the html piece corresponding to each option (with sed), rendering that
> piece to text with lynx) and prefixing the rendered text with '#'. I think the
> script will be easy to write.
>   After having moved all docs to some html file( say it will be lynxcfg.html),
> we can do even more:
>   when generating the contents of LYNXCFG:// in read_cfg, we can make each
> option name 'X' used to be a hyperlink with href 'lynxcfg.html#X' - so user
> can quickly explore documentation for each option s/he used.
>   More explanation:
> if the was a following line in lynx.cfg:
>       STARTFILE:
> current code in LYReadCFG.c:read_cfg will generate the following piece of code
>         STARTFILE:
> (ie copy it). After moving all option description to lynxcfg.html, we can
> generate the following entry:
>       <a href="/whatever/path/lyxncfg.html#STARTFILE>
>               STARTFILE</a>:
> ie user will be able to activate this hyperlink and get the description of
> the 'STARTFILE' option.

>  Best regards,
>   -Vlad

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