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lynx-dev INSTALLATION file changes (was: Fix --disable-trace, #includes)

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: lynx-dev INSTALLATION file changes (was: Fix --disable-trace, #includes)
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 03:54:17 -0500 (CDT)

I agree that the new text is mostly better.  (Removing *.old stuff is
a different topic).  But:

On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, Henry Nelson wrote:

> ! Step 1. (define compile-time variables)
>       There are a few variables that MUST be defined, or Lynx will not build.
>       There are a few more that you will probably want to change.  The 
> variables
>       that must be changed are marked as such in the userdefs.h file.  Just 
> edit
> !     this file, and the changes should be straight forward.  If you compile
> !     using autoconfigure, you should set defines with option switches and not
> !     edit userdefs.h directly.

That last sentence reads as if editing userdefs.h was completely unnecessary
and not recommended at all if configure is used.  That's of course not true.
There are only a handful of userdefs.h settings that can be preempted with
flags to ./configure.

It also contradicts what userdefs.h says.   More than two thirds of it are
in sections marked "MUST change (or verify)".  [In practice, that MUST isn't
true for most users since there are sensible defaults, and I doubt many
people take it seriously.  But some options that really need to be reviewed
by the installer (like GLOBAL_MAILCAP) are grouped together in section 1.)
with others that can be safely left at their defaults (like GOTOBUFFER).
The latter really don't deserve to be marked as "MUST change".  That's
probably all or most of current 1c).]


Henry didn't change it, but I noticed that Step 3 is giving wrong advice;
it would be more correct with the 5 words inserted below.

> ! Step 3. (You may skip this step if you use only English and are not 
> interested
> !     in any special characters, or if your display and local files will all 
> use
                                                ...and all visited Web pages...

> !     the ISO-8859-1 "ISO Latin 1" Western European character set.) People who
> !     will be running Lynx in an environment with different and incompatible
> !     character sets should configure CHARACTER_SET (the Display character 
> set)
> !     and ASSUME_LOCAL_CHARSET to work correctly for them before creating
> !     bookmark files et cetera.


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