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lynx-dev mozilla

From: Eugene I. Ostrenski
Subject: lynx-dev mozilla
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 06:51:48 -400

Glad to hear there is specialist on Lynx Cyrillic:

The following is a reply from Leonid Pauzner, the lynx developer most
expert in Cyrillic display. He does not subscribe to doslynx-dev, so
future questions of this nature would probably best go to lynx-dev.

> Try to download this URL to a local file, it should be seen properly
> without any problems (at least for lynx 2.8+).
> I guess the remote URL you mention here have its own "charset" in HTTP hea

> (you could check this by trying HEAD with '[' key in lynx) and that is bro

> According to HTTP/HTML spec, the HTTP headers have a priority over embedde

> META HTML strings and Lynx and Internet Explorer do so.
> Unfortinately, Netscape browser have a different feeling
> and try META charset first. So you actually have a broken page
> seen OK with Netscape and trying to complain Lynx...
> The solution that works for both Netscape and others will be to remove
> an extra charset header (any) and rely on this. Apache/RUS server
> remove META charset especially for this needs, if configured properly.
Doug Kaufman

   I've downloaded the unreadable
 page, There is no charset at the header. I think the shortest way for me is
copy  working LYNX parameters. I can send you this problem page. Have you
got enough time to try to browse it with your LYNX?


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