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lynx-dev What the heck is up with this?

From: John Bley
Subject: lynx-dev What the heck is up with this?
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 23:38:52 -0400 (EDT)

Here's an html file:
<link rel="bookmark"    type="text/html" href="s.html">
<link rel="start"    type="text/html" href="s.html">
<a href="foo.html" title="foo">foo</a>
<a href="foo.html" title="bar">bar</a>

Load it up in lynx.  Displays nicely, doesn't it?  Hit the 'l' (lowercase 
L) key, or your LYK_LIST binding.  Try repeating this with the hrefs of 
each set pointing to two different destinations.

Why does this happen?

In showlist(), there's a loop over the child anchors of the current doc, 
which means that essentially we're doing this:
        foreach ("bookmark link" "start link" "foo link "bar link")
OK, so then we figure out the destination of the current child, "dest", 
and now, we need to figure out the title of this child anchor, so what do 
we do?
   parent = HTAnhor_parent(dest); 
   title = HTAnchor_title(parent);

Why isn't the destination's parent's title the same as the child's title?
Is this an assumption that the destination only has one parent (whatever 
it means for a destination to have a parent)?
Why doesn't the child anchor have a title?
This code:
   title = HTAnchor_title(child);

I'm really at a loss to understand this.  My first guess at a solution 
would be to add "title" to HTChildAnchor, and then figure out where/how 
to set it (it's displaying the right thing initially, so the data's in 
there somewhere).  But this would be an awful hack if there is a deeper 
mystery to the HTAnchor code that I just don't get.  Any 
ideas from anybody who does understand this code?

John Bley - address@hidden
Duke '99 - English/Computer Science
  Since English is a mess, it maps well onto the problem space,
  which is also a mess, which we call reality.     - Larry Wall

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