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Re: lynx-dev lynx2.8.2dev.25d-cpp.patch.gz

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev lynx2.8.2dev.25d-cpp.patch.gz
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 10:25:53 +0900 (JST)

> independent of lynx configuration (now all is portable!!!).

Again, no hype, i.e., "!!!", please. Give us a chance, too.

>   I've added support for special URL type - LYNXSETTINGSTATUS. For
> example, to get the status of the setting COLOR, you should use the

Nice. However, if this whole idea is to be useful to the people it is
intended for, the content must be meaningful to _them_.

>    This setting is ignored by current configuration of Lynx. This
>    setting aggregates its values.

So my immediate question is, "why is it ignored?", and "how do I get it
un-ignored, i.e., how do I set it." What does "aggregates its values"

>    The default value(s) for this setting can not be altered in
>    'userdefs.h' at configuration time.

So, again, just where can it be set? If, as Larry points out, and was
my initial point I hoped someone would drive home, this "functionality"
is for the user who is not in a position to do the compiling and
configuring, then this statement serves no purpose. This user doesn't
know what userdefs.h is, and even if he/she did, it would do him/her no
good. Anyone who has edited userdefs.h knows that fact.

> Here is a default value of this setting:
"the"?  Anyway, I question the need for spitting out the default.

>   Current value
>    Here is a list of values that were aggregated while
> reading configuration files: COLOR:0:lightgray:black
> COLOR:1:brightmagenta:black COLOR:2:green:black COLOR:3:green:black
> COLOR:4:cyan:black COLOR:5:red:black COLOR:6:brightred:black
> COLOR:7:magenta:cyan

Now we are finally getting to the meat. This is what the user wants to
know. The only other thing he/she wants to know is how to change it.

>   Assigment trace
>    Here is a trace of files and lines in which this setting was
>    initialized ([1]go here to see a trace for all settings):
>    file [2]/usr/local/lib/lynx.cfg 1736=>COLOR:0:lightgray:black
> 1738=>COLOR:1:brightmagenta:black 1740=>COLOR:2:green:black
> 1741=>COLOR:3:green:black 1742=>COLOR:4:cyan:black
> 1743=>COLOR:5:red:black 1744=>COLOR:6:brightred:black
> 1745=>COLOR:7:magenta:cyan

There is no need for both. It is a total waste and only confuses the
issue. Tell your user what his/her color setting is. Then tell him/her
to copy /usr/local/lib/lynx.cfg to $HOME, edit lines 1736-1745 (with
the explanation in the default lynx.cfg file in case the installer has
zapped all the comments), and then run lynx with the -cfg option or set
the environmental variable.

> IMO it worth including it in 2.8.2. I tested it extensively.

IMHO unless it is tuned to the end user of the binary who has no
control over the default settings, it is pointless. I mean, the person
who edited lynx.cfg in the first place doesn't need it. Already this
information is readily available through the `=' page. Personally, I
either view it as a localfile:// to be able to edit it, or throw it into
the editor outside of Lynx.


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