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Re: lynx-dev lynx2.8.2dev.25d-cpp.patch.gz

From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: Re: lynx-dev lynx2.8.2dev.25d-cpp.patch.gz
Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 18:45:06 +0400 (MSD)

12-May-99 15:01 I wrote:
>>      * From: Vlad Harchev <address@hidden>

>>   I've implemented functionality described in quoted message. The patch is
>> placed at  - it's 300Kb unpacked. It
>> consists of body.html, {alpha,cat}toc.html, index.html placed in the
>> 'lynx_help' subdirectory and modifications to .c files.  No scripts are

> Looking onto body.html I found its source not so pretty as I was expected:
> if we include it as a help file we should fix generating script first.

> 1) too much blank lines (a series of ~30 blank lines).
> 2) no newlines before/after <p>
> 3) no newlines before <h2>, <h3> and after </h2> </h3> etc.
> 4) what the purpose of this line:
> +   <pre> </pre><pre> </pre><hr><p>
> 5) obvious typo (address@hidden):
> +<link rev="made" href="";>

Good HTML source layout can be seen in lynx-dev.html file under lynx_help/

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