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Re: lynx-dev lynx2.8.2pre.11

From: Dave Eaton
Subject: Re: lynx-dev lynx2.8.2pre.11
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999 16:00:53 -0700 (MST)

On Tue, 1 Jun 1999 address@hidden wrote:

> David Eaton had some unresolved problem building (possibly with the
> script).  Aside from that, there's no remaining work to be
> done for 2.8.2

Whatever it was causing my problem on an earlier 2.8.2preX build, it
evidently has been fixed now. lynx2.8.2pre.11 built and ran for me OK on
all the following OS/hardware combinations:

 o  HP-UX 10.20 / hppa1.1
 o  HP-UX 10.20 / hppa1.1
 o  HP-UX 11.00 / hppa2.0
    (both native hppa2.0 and with CFLAGS="+DA1.1 +DS2.0" so it would run
     on earlier hppa1.x architectures as well)
 o  HP/Apollo Domain/OS / m68k
    (with the usual bunch of compiler warnings, but it works)

Thanks for all the fixes.

BTW, I build all my packages using the "/opt/packagename/*" convention.
I think the only code change still needed in lynx to conform to this is
the /usr/local/lib/rn/server definition. It would be nice if this could be
changed more easily (maybe in lynx.cfg) at some future rev.

 Dave Eaton
 Artronic Development  - Your Web Site Solution
 12629 N. Tatum Blvd., Suite 224; Phoenix, AZ 85032
 e-mail: address@hidden - voice: (602) 953-0336  -

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