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lynx-dev Message/email handler

From: Ed DeWan
Subject: lynx-dev Message/email handler
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 21:50:39 -0500 (CDT)

Hi there! I have a problem/inquiry for you: whenever I use Lynx
and select a "contact us" kind of button at a site, I get thrown
into this very weird message handler that accepts one line at a
time, refreshes the screen every time I press Enter (reminiscent
of the old Berkeley mail processor), and, which is the most
annoying, inserts the entire URL into the Subject field -- this
is very, very inconvenient, since I never use it, and don't
know how to get rid of it easily. Is this message processor part
of Lynx? I would much rather it handed the task off to Pine,
Elm, or mail, as a user option. (It now occurs to me that perhaps
this already can be set -- hold on while I go check...

OK, I found it, and set the editor to vi, and that improves
composition nicely. I couldn't find anything about automatically
filling in the subject field. I can see where that information
might be useful, but I don't need it. Is there some easy way
to prevent it from happening, or to delete it? Thanks.

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