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Re: lynx-dev Comments on New Features summary

From: dickey
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Comments on New Features summary
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 18:51:37 -0400 (EDT)

> >          + modify keyboard interrupt check to check no more than one per 
>                                                                     ^ once? 
> >            second, since this check is comparatively slow. Use 
> >            gettimeofday when available, to implement 0.1 second interval 
> >            for skipping interrupt check. 
> (Does this actually describe current behavior, i.e. does the once-per-second 
> apply anywhere?) 

some old machines (in my lab, for example) don't have gettimeofday.
probably applies to VMS also.  Since it's neither POSIX nor ANSI, I'd
expect the outlying 15-20% of machines don't necessarily have it.
That's why it's ifdef'd.
> >          + to accept cookies with no value, in case the site resets a 
> >            cookie by nulling out the value 
> Cookies with no value aren't really "accepted", they don't get stored 
> (neither in memory nor on disk).  I think the behavior is actually wrong 
> (but doesn't seem to do harm since no sites rely on it), suggest removing 
> this item. 

that was the original changelog entry (perhaps it was too vague or poorly
> >          + relax the cookie sanity checking for version 0 (old) cookies 
> >            _only when_ the user has accept_all_cookies set 
> This doesn't describe current behavior.  Use instead (something like): 

something like (but we should try to be brief, I think)
> This is disabled.  Remove item. 
> >          + navigation works to or inside text entry fields 
> Only with ncurses I think, not with slang - please verify. 

> >     * add 'a' response when printing a file to allow append rather than 
> >       overwrite 
> What does this mean?  I've never used this, where does one type 'a'? 

I'll look this up (it's a special case)
> If this is a hidden feature (I could not find it in the Users Guide), it 
> shouldn't be advertised here. 
> >     * add support for content encoding for x-bzip2, bzip2 for suffix 
> >       "bz2" 
> It seems suffix ".bz2" on local files isn't actually recognized in this 
> way - please verify, if true remove 'for suffix "bz2"'. 
> >     * modify print-to-file logic to permit writing to pipe, provided 
> >       that the user does not have no-shell restriction 
> There is no hint how to actually do this. 

if the template command begins with a '|', lynx does a popen rather than fopen.
> This seems to be a hidden feature (it isn't mentioned in the Users Guide), 
> so it shouldn't be advertised here. 

not all features in the changes (even pre-2.8) are in the users' guide).
we should update guide, yes.

>     Klaus 

Thomas E. Dickey

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