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lynx-dev About w3m (Yet another text mode browser)

From: Hiroyuki Senshu
Subject: lynx-dev About w3m (Yet another text mode browser)
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999 08:13:13 +0900

address@hidden wrote:
>On Mon, 7 Jun 1999, Louis-David Mitterrand wrote:
>>> URL:
>>This text-mode browser is indeed a serious competitor for lynx! It lacks
>>the "niceties" and external (non-rendering related) features that lynx
>>has accumulated but it beats lynx hands-down for sheer elegance and
>>correctness in displaying HTML. Every lynx developer should take a look
>>at that project. Too bad the documentation is only in Japanese, but this
>>shouldn't prevent anyone from running "configure && make" on this very
>>Zen package. Congratulations to the w3m team.
>Is the program itself in English?  Does it have English prompts, etc?
>Maybe it would be good for someone who understands Japanese to do even a 
>rough translation so the rest of us can play around with it.

It appreciates having interest in w3m.

It can think about w3m with the souce code of the English-speaking world
if it is removed that the character line of CJK is partly contained.

Therefore, there are not some problems in the advantage
that a souce code is read.

It is hoping that the legibility of the screen
which Lynx has w3m to can be realized.

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