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lynx-dev Re: About w3m (Yet another text mode browser)

From: Hataguchi Takeshi
Subject: lynx-dev Re: About w3m (Yet another text mode browser)
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 10:15:12 +0900 (JST)

# I'm sorry I missed copying message.
# So I'll send again.

Hello everyone and Mr. Senshu. :-)

w3m is a great text based web browser.
w3m has English and Japanese help files and an option menu.
You can try it easily.

o You can get w3m archive from

o Extract archive and Type
    % cd w3m
    % ./configure

o The configure script will ask you some questions in English.
  Be sure to answer "English" when you are asked about language.
  Any answer may be OK for the question about "display kanji code".
  I think it's better to answer "no" for the question about
  "use 2-byte character for table border".

o Type
    % make; make install

o You can use w3m and type 'H' to see the helps in English.
  # w3m will exit soon if there is no argument or no input from stdin.

# I'm so sory that my English is poor.
Takeshi Hataguchi
E-mail: address@hidden

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