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lynx-dev editing URLs

From: Rick Lewis
Subject: lynx-dev editing URLs
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 07:54:56 -0700 (MST)

Hi, Folks, 
I know about editing the links listed in the Go-To buffer, but is there 
any easy way to edit one of the links on a *page* and then go to it? 
For example, an FAA site has links to weather sites of its own, 
but one of those can be edited, replacing it with a different four-
letter designator to go to a non-FAA site (one I can't find anywhere 
Is there any way to easily: 
1. Edit a URL from the links list using l? 
2. Edit a link using the Visited Links command, which would be a 
workaround, but at least close? 
or (and I suspect I'm way out in left field here!): 
3. Create a buffer for links not accessed with the g command, or 
have a visited link or a listed link appear in that buffer? 
Granted, one could do a screen image, edit all but the link out, modify
the text, and then upload the modified text into the Go-To buffer, 
but that's a lot of hassle to do it frequently. 
(I do realize that in the case of individual sites, once I used such a 
procedure, I could add the result to my bookmark file, or paste the 
result there.) 
Thanks for any ideas or insights you might have. 
Maybe it's me, but I didn't find any answers to this while perusing the 
help file. 

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