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Re: lynx-dev Found DNS lookup strange problem in Lynx 2.8.1 Win 95 vers

From: Gene Collins
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Found DNS lookup strange problem in Lynx 2.8.1 Win 95 versio
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 14:31:02 -0500

Lloyd, you raise an interesting question.  Is Wayne actively involved with
Lynx development anymore?  I just went to fdisk, and he still has the
2.8.1rel1 release there.  Is there another url where one can obtain later
Win 95 and 386 binaries?

Gene Collins (address@hidden)

At 11:12 PM 6/11/99 -0400, you wrote:
>On Fri, 11 Jun 1999 02:14:39 -0500 (CDT), Klaus Weide wrote:
>>On Fri, 11 Jun 1999 address@hidden wrote:
>>> I tested Lynx on Win NT 4 PC with SP4. This PC has no DNS entry.
>>> For lynx.cfg, I use proxy server setting of
>>> If I do
>>> lynx, able to access web site. DNS resolve by proxy
>>> lynx, unable to access web site as DNS fails. i.e.
resolve by PC
>>> lynx, press g,, unable to access web site as DNS fails,
>>> resolve by PC
>>> lynx, press g,, able to access web site. DNS
resolved by
>>> proxy.
>>> I did not test on Windows 95 PC, but I suspect the result to be the same.
>>That is working as designed - complete URLs are the preferred form of
>>If you just type, Lynx doesn't know what it is.  So it
>>checks whether is a hostname and whether there is a file
>>or directory named "".  If neither check returns true,
>>access fails.
>>You don't need a DNS entry for the PC in order to resolve names, you
>>just need access to a valid name server.  (Disregard this sentence if in
>>MS lingo "DNS entry" means something different than for the rest of the
>>world.)  I guess you could add frequently uses hosts to the HOSTS file,
>>as an imperfect workaround (with the expected problems: if the
>>server changes address in the future your entries will be wrong).
>>[*] Different browsers have different heuristics for completing incomplete
>>input.  Things work best with full URLs, you tell the program exactly what
>>you want and (hopefully) get what you want.
>  The copies of Lynx I have used have URL guessing enabled in the
>lynx.cfg.  In the binaries compiled by Wayne and by Doug Kaufman,
>typing 'fdisk' at a Goto prompt would send you to
> in almost all cases.  In Mr. Senshu's Lynxes,
>he may have some different heuristics in the code, since .jp will
>often be the preferred country.  I tried to change it in the Lynx.cfg
>to more like what's shown.  It only worked after the first connection
>had been established through the Windows networking layer.  Once a
>connection has been made to the outside world in that session, URL
>guessing occurs; before that you need a fully qualified URL.  Another
>quirk.  I'm still looking forward to someone releasing a "final"
>2.8.2 as a Win95 binary.
>Lloyd Rasmussen
>Work:  address@hidden
>Home:  address@hidden

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