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Re: lynx-dev Why does Lynx do it? (fwd)

From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Why does Lynx do it? (fwd)
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 20:30:52 +0400 (MSD)

13-Jun-99 03:50 address@hidden wrote:

> On Sat, 12 Jun 1999, Klaus Weide wrote:

>> > To whom it may concern:
>> > I have noticed a bug in Lynx (v.2.8rel.2).  When I change the disply
>> > character set to DOS PC80xx and view my bookmarks page with the
>> > space bar, Lynx goes berserk.  It looks up an address, dumps me into
>> > the Options page and then often puts some characters in the "Display
>> > Variable" area.  I had this problem with older versions of Lynx, but
>> > is 2.8 really that old?  Is there something I need to configure to
>> > have it work normally, enabling me to view the higher order ASCII
>> > characters?
>> > Thanks,
>> > Doug Rose
>> You need to tell us more about how you are using lynx.  On what OS is
>> Lynx running?  Do you run lynx locally on a PC, or do you dial in to
>> a shell account?  Whot software (comm program) is between you and Lynx
>> (if you use dialin to a shell account)?
>> Is this caused by a specific link in your bookmarks page?  If yes, can
>> you isolate which 8-bit character provokes the behavior?
>> Yes, 2.8rel.2 is now old, the latest version is 2.8.2rel.1; but this may
>> or may not be related to the version.
>> [ Reply to address@hidden, please. ]
>>    Klaus
> Lynx Development:

> I am using Lynx from a Unix shell account via VT-100 terminal
> emulation connection (no PPP).  I use Comit communication software on

I know of Comit for DOS, its vt100 emulation apparently broken:
lowercase US-ASCII letters being translated to C0 specials
which is beyond me. ANSI emulation broken either.
Comit for Windows 3.1 is working OK (but requires windows...)
This `Comit' program is a commercial one and probably not supported
any more, IMO.

> my DOS (v.6.22) IBM compatible (386).  I have tried a more recent
> version of Lynx (2.8.1, rel.2, 1998) and have had this wild loop
> problem whenever I attempt to access a variety of sites (e.g.,
>  It happens only when I switch "Display
> Character Set" in Options to "IBM US CODEPAGE, CP 437".  It happened
> in older versions even when I left the character set at ISO Latin 1.
> It is not a very serious problem, but perhaps it will cause problems
> when I least expect it.

> Thank you all for developing a serious text-based browser.

> Sincerely,

> Douglas Rose
> The Graduate School and University Center
>      of the City University of New York

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