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Re: lynx-dev display web page as it is received (re-send)

From: David L Lundy
Subject: Re: lynx-dev display web page as it is received (re-send)
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 99 9:54:58 EDT

Thanks for all the responses.  I'm looking forward to using Lynx 2.8.2
soon.  I've been using lynx for several years.  Thanks to all of you
for an excellent tool.  Even though I now have access to both Internet
Explorer and Netscape both at work and at home, I still use lynx

There was some delay in becoming approved as a member of the list.  I
responded to the automated authorization reply as soon as I received
it, and subsequently got a message that my request had been forwarded
to the list owner for approval.  I sent the query after subscribing, but
before final approval as a list member.

Apparently the first response was sent before my list membership had been
approved, therefore I didn't got it.

> >    I originally sent this message a week ago and have had no response of
> > any kind.  Perhaps that is because I sent it before I had been approved
> It was answered promptly.  Did you, by any chance, fail to subscribe to
> the list, as the list sets the reply address to be the list.

Dave Lundy 
(937) 255-7327x563 or 8-785-7327x563
88CG/SCBW - MISTS II Contract - ASEC 

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