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lynx-dev lynx2.8.3dev.3

From: dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.3dev.3
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 09:25:30 -0400 (EDT)

1999-06-29 (2.8.3dev.3)
* move HTAlert call so we don't get it each time we run the options menu -TD
* entify messages in LYshow_statusline_messages() -LP
* add -DNO_PORT to WWW/*/djgpp makefiles -DK
  This is to make ftp work with new version of the WATTCP library as revised by
  Igor Poretsky for building lynx with DJGPP.  The old version has been renamed
  to "".  For the new package, go to:
    ""; or
* new option REUSE_TEMPFILES, see comments in lynx.cfg -KW
* use P instead of invalid TR for right-aligned "LYNXMESSAGES:" link in HISTORY
  page -KW
* better support for accessing FTP directory listings on Windows NT FTP
  servers:  try to switch MSDOS-like directory output off with SITE DIRSTYLE.
  The price to pay for this is one or (probably more often) two more command/
  response round trips -KW
* added support for accessing FTP directory listings in "dls" style sent by
  some OS/2 servers.  Only one server was known and used for testing, so the
  heuristics used may not be quite general enough.  File date/time is not shown
  since it doesn't seem to be part of the basic format -KW
* In removed bogus "ID:" for -assume_charset, -assume_local_charset -KW
* in a list, render a <DIV> that doesn't have an ALIGN="center" or
  ALIGN="right" attribute like a <P> in that situation:  break the line if
  necessary but don't create an empty line, an keep list indentation.  This
  addresses Debian bug #21331 -KW
* other changes for DIV:  it's a block element, so make sure its contents
  doesn't get rendered inline, even for nested DIVs that don't change text
  alignment.  Try to avoid improperly kept change of DIV styles' alignment by a
  <P> or </P> in its content -KW
* make "treating H# in a list as an LH" work also for SortaSGML parsing,
  previously it only worked with TagSoup -KW
* removed special handling for empty last field from LYstrsep(), which made it
  act differently from (GNU) C library's strsep() -KW
* macro DEFAULT_INVCHECK_BV for default invalid cookie checking behaviour, can
  be changed at top of LYCookie.c for those who really want that -KW
* reorganize code for invalid cookie checking / prompting somewhat, it is
  hopefully easier to follow now, and should result in more logical prompting
  (or not) if a cookie is invalid for more than one reason -KW
* change invalid cookie confirmation prompts to default to "no" answer.  This
  can prevent the impression that Lynx hangs because the prompt is not
  completely visible.  There should be a better way to ensure that all prompts
  are recognizable as such (at least with "normal" screen widths) -KW
* use more of the available statusline width for showing cookie name and value
  in normal cookie prompts -KW
* handle \" in quoted cookie values, so that the quote char doesn't end the
  value string -KW
* write quoted cookie values to cookie file with the quotes ('"' chars).  When
  the cookie file is read, assume that quoted strings are quoted cookie values.
  It would be better to have a separate flag stored, but we are limited by the
  choice of the Netscape-compatible file format.  This should resolve Debian
  bug #35523 -KW
* handle empty value strings like any other cookie values:  they can be kept in
  the cookie jar (in memory), and can be written to and read from the cookie
  file -KW
* more checking whether a line read from a cookie file is complete -KW
* write out second field in cookie file lines a TRUE or FALSE depending on
  whether the domain can be used for suffix matching or has to match
  completely.  This seems to be how Netscape uses it.  We don't actually use
  this field when reading a file (presence of a leading dot in the domain value
  tells us what we need to know), but this should improve behavior for people
  sharing a cookie file between Lynx and a Netscape browser (although such
  sharing shouldn't be recommended) -KW
* treat case as insignificant in cookie domains more consistently -KW
* remove remnants of FROM_FILE domain behaviour, it was unused -KW
* add some clarifications in lynx.cfg regarding cookies -KW
* entify strings when adding them to LYNXMESSAGES: stack -KW
* save HTAlwaysAlert messages for LYNXMESSAGES: page -KW
* generate TRACE output for prompts that use HTConfirm() or HTConfirmDefault
* make sure force_old_UCLYhndl_on_reload is initialized and reset properly -KW
* minor tweaks (LYCharUtils.c, LYMain.c, LYPrint.c) -KW
* flush Lynx.leaks file after writing each memory leak record but before
  freeing the memory block, to ensure the info is on disk if something goes
  seriously wrong (i.e., FREE causes a signal).
* more general checking in postoptions - `lynx LYNXOPTIONS:foo' now doesn't
  crash -KW
* revived dired "install" functionality, more or less as it was (apparently)
  originally meant to be used, but with various checks added.  Compilation is
  now conditional on new symbol OK_INSTALL.  The "install" function is the
  closest we have to a "copy file" function, and could be used instead; the
  actual command executed depends on macros INSTALL_PATH and possibly
  INSTALL_ARGS, one can define INSTALL_PATH for example to "/bin/cp" before
  compilation to effectively get something like a dired "copy" function.  Note
  the the "install" function requires a special file in the home directory,
  which can be customized, see samples/installdirs.html -KW
* new function HTURLPath_toFile in HTFile.c.  Use it if we don't have a full
  URL where HTnameOfFile_WWW was used previously, this avoids misparsing of
  some unusual URL forms for files -KW
* other changes for dired support (KW):
  - various corrections with respect to URL-unescaping: don't escape
    too often or too little, dired operations could fail on filenames
    with special characters
  - avoid some unnecessary copying and allocation for filenames
  - avoid some more static buffers
  - add some buffer overflow checks
* make local directory display somewhat interruptible even without
  partial page display -KW
* make do_readme in HTFile.c 8-bit clean -KW
* tweak in HTTP.c to avoid doing strlen() on received data that are to be
  passed on raw; raw NUL bytes within the first block read could lead to data
  loss -KW
* change newly introduced CAN_ANONYMOUS_* at end of userdefs.h to be FALSE by
  default, to get behavior with -anonymous that is equivalent to 2.8.2 -KW
* handle some more common forms of mailcap $DISPLAY tests internally in
  HTInit.c -KW
* correct a problem which appears when the curses library causes FANCY_CURSES
  to be defined but not COLOR_CURSES:  the code can call attrset() twice for
  the same characters, thus replacing the original attribute with the new one.
  Fix by using attron() instead (patch by Julian Coleman
* modify LYonedot() so it does not change its parameter, avoiding corrupting
  the name to be zipped (reported by DK) -TD
* modify LYDownload.c to skip over delimiter for file://localhost to avoid
  treating it as part of the DOS filename -DK
* alter LYExecv() to only do an HTAlert if the return-code is zero, i.e., an
  error was reported.  This lets us reuse (and free) memory pointed to by
  tmpbuf (reported by DK) -TD
* remove redefinition of lstat() and change test of stat() function with DJGPP,
  which returns nonzero rather than negative on failure -DK

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