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Re: lynx-dev Java script support.

From: brian j pardy
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Java script support.
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 21:21:54 -0400

On Tue, Jun 29, 1999, Heather Stern wrote:
> me >> [...]
>    >> I think these features are -
>    >>         * mouseovers 
>    >>           - some sites don't bother with ALT, but they do have
>    >>             a good mouseover status line
> bjp > How about, in lieu of Javascript (not saying never Javascript, but in
> > > > the indefinite time until we have it), something to just fake an ALT
> > > > tag for a mouseover, if there is no ALT tag?
> Mouseovers come in two flavors, well three maybe.  Status line rewrites,
> image replacement, and a popup (possibly in another frame).

I figure the only one we'd be too concerned (if we're talking fakejs
as an intermediate step) with would be flavor 1, I don't know flavor 2
would be implemented (have a link change when it becomes the focus?

> I think you'll find a fairly short, clean sample of flavor 1, and maybe 
> flavor to, at Ender's Realm Grphic Design:
> Pleasantly enough, the site is quite clean to the non-graphical eye.

I'll give it a look.


Oh dear.  That's much more complex then I thought it was going to be.

I'm not sure if I'm familiar enough with Lynx internals (and
definitely not with Javascript) to try to implement enough to fake
this part.  

I wasn't aware that functions could be embedded into mouseover (now
that I think about it, duh).  It'd basically need to be an actual JS

> me > I was sort of vaguely thinking, if we had the "lynx can do a limited
>  > > number or type of pseudo-graphical things" stub, and something to spot 
>  > > that the HTML/js author is trying to do such a thing, we could fake it.  
> bjp> I don't know anything about js -- is the syntax for a mouseover pretty
>    > much just something in the <IMG> tag somewhere?  If it's something
>    > like that, can try to find the 'mouseover=' text and splice out what's
>    > in quotes after it (dealing with backslashed quotes, etc).
> Look at the raw code for the site above.  It seems to memorize a few strings
> for use later during mouseovers.  The actual mouseover= is the name of the
> script to invoke, so you probably don't want that.

Gotcha there.  Hrm.  Since mouseover= can be a function, we nearly
need an interpreter to attempt to do anything with this.  

> me > To be "real" mouseover (?!) for the scenario I described, lemme see, I'd
>  > > imagine:  The image doens't display (of course) and there's no ALT so 
>  > > assuming you have the feature on, we show the graphic's filename.  When
>  > > it become hot, we'd honor the mouseover and redraw the page?  I don't
>  > > think so.  More likely, "fake javascript" would steal yet another screen
>  > > line for its status,
> bjp> As an easier (and less demanding on screen realestate, and in keeping
>    > with how annoying mouseover truly IS (heh)), how about if a mouseover
>    > just did a temporary message over the existing status line, using the
>    > facilities we currently have?  Could do something like have it write
>    > with the same precedence as informational messages (JSSECS=0 ? Ouch.)
>    > or something. 
> Bearing in mind that as an Advanced user, I like to know what my destination
> URL is, I'd kinda like it to switch back afterwards.  Of course = will show
> it to me, but I do hope I wouldn't have to start doing that all the time.

If it were a line along the lines of the info message you get when you
try to page past the end of a page, it'd paint onto the screen and
then go away, restoring old status line (I *think*) when done.

> > > and might be initially stubbed to show what it is
> > > guessing rather than try to actually do anything new with js code.
> I still think this would be useful for other features than merely mouseover,
> although heck, not everyone is going to turn it on, right?

If I knew more about the language than I do (um, next to nil) I'd
comment on that.

> For me two lines is still ok, my Advanced URL/status and this debug/js gadget
> would still be fine with me.

I'm not even positive now I could do anything with this.  I was
thinking something much more basic, along the lines of tearing a
string out of an IMG tag.  

Well...the SO wants a JS book, maybe I'll have to read it first...

> > Ideas always help.
> Thanks :)

Didn't mean to get anyone's hopes up -- but mine were.  Maybe we've
inspired someone else that has a better understanding of JS...

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