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lynx-dev LYNX: need way to KILL a go-to while in-progress

From: David Combs
Subject: lynx-dev LYNX: need way to KILL a go-to while in-progress
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 17:09:40 -0700 (PDT)

Like everyone on this list, I use a variety of keystroke-based tools:
mutt, emacs, trn, vi, ex, ..., lynx

Like in mutt, I hit "d" when finished reading an email.

So, here I am in lynx, and tired, and I hit "d", instead of "h"
(vikeys), and it starts asking do I accept cookies, and I curse,
hit ^G a few times, of course no effect, then I get the next
cookie question, ...

It would SURE be nice if there was a way to ABORT an entire
goto or d or whatever, to just ignore whatever internet-communication
protocol I've gotten myself in the middle of.

I mean, sometimes some link you end up going towards (inadvertently)
goes to another, and that to another, each one with cookie questions,
and there is evidently NO DAMN WAY to stop it, other than (of course)
^C -- and I don't want to do that, what with history-list all built up,
the V-page, etc.

(This time, I will fg back into lynx and just ^C the whole damn
thing, since this one time I do not have anything worth saving
in the hist-list.  Sure wish there was a better way.)



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