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Re: lynx-dev suggested addition to lynx.cfg

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev suggested addition to lynx.cfg
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 16:14:05 +0900 (JST)

> I don't particularly care for "a battery of management tools" for lynx.cfg,

I don't either, but we'll probably be getting them.  Maybe you weren't here
in May when half of the traffic on the list was rebuttal and counter
rebuttal between Vlad and me on the pros and cons of his proposals.

> > to?  Is your proposal so different from the following?
> > #INCLUDE:~/.lynx.cfg:INCLUDE [other allowed settings]
> I don't know what you mean by that.  Just one line without explanation?
> What exactly, from the current lynx.cfg and/or my suggested additions,

Seems to me you wanted to let the user have the global defaults and override
only what he/she wanted.  Can't that be done by the above line without any
requirement about it's placement in the "main" lynx.cfg file?  By allowing
INCLUDE in the user's personal lynx.cfg, they could then INCLUDE the "main",
or global, lynx.cfg themselves.

> Another question (IMO) is whether the stuff about the "more powerfule"
> INCLUDE starting with "Starting with Lynx 2.8.2, ..." should also be
> moved to the end.  You may want to suggest that separately.

I did just that in my previous post.  My point is that if an htmlized
lynx.cfg is to be generated from the static one in the top directory, each
define needs to be extracted exactly one time to form the pseudo links.
Having multiple entries of the same defines separated by many other defines
makes that process no longer a trivial matter.

> / a suggestion.  My additions don't HAVE to be at the end, that's just
> the place where the INCLUDE most likely achives what most people want
> by just un-commenting it.  Administrators and users who want to spend

So that's where it idealy *should* be placed in the distribution lynx.cfg.
(And someone has to keep it there.)

> options in place can to whatever they like, as always.  I don't see
> how this creates any burden for you.  Or for anyone who installs lynx,

It creates no problem for me, nor for the user, nor for the installer.
The burden falls on the coordinating developer.  Maybe Tom doesn't mind
always checking for little things like that, but it would drive me batty.

Anyway, don't take this as an arguement for or against your idea.  Whatever
you say, Klaus, goes by me.


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