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Re: lynx-dev README.TSST

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: Re: lynx-dev README.TSST
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 18:35:43 -0500 (CDT)

On Wed, 14 Jul 1999, Vlad Harchev wrote:

>  Very good. I have several questions:
> 1) Will table borders be ever drawn?

It doesn't seem to fit in well.  Maybe it could be added, but a lot
of the simplicity is lost.  So I prefer not to think about that now...

> 2) Can you place the patch somewhere (otherwise mail it to me)?

I have sent something your way.

> 3) It's the thing you are working at nights, isn't it :)?
> 4) Will alignment of the cells be implemented?
> 5) Will COLSPAN and ROWSPAN be supported?
> (The "Will *" questions are to understand the depth of the hacking).

I just paste in from a summary in the code:

**  Implemented:
**  - ALIGN={left,right,center,justify} applied to individual table cells
**    ("justify" is treated as "left")
**  - Inheritance of horizontal alignment according to HTML 4.0 (with the
**    exception of COLGROUP/COL)
**  - COLSPAN >1 (nearly untested)
**  - Line breaks at start of first cell or at end of last cell are treated
**    as if they were not part of the cell and row.  This allows us to
**    cooperate with one way in which tables have been made friendly to
**    browsers without any table support.
( This may not exactly work right now )
**  Missing, but can be added:
**  - Support for COLGROUP/COL
**  - ROWSPAN >1 (reserving cells in following rows)
**  - Tables wider than display.  The limitation is not here but in GridText.c
**    etc.  If horizontal scrolling were implemented there, the mechanisms
**    here coudl deal with wide tables (just change MAX_STBL_POS code).
**  Missing, unlikely to add:
**  - Support for non-LTR directionality.  A general problem, support is
**    lacking throughout the lynx code.
**  - Support for most other table-related attributes.  Most of them are
**    for decorative purposes.
**  Impossible or very unlikely (because it doesn't fit the model):
**  - Any cell contents of more than one line, line breaks within cells.
**    Anything that requires handling cell contents as paragraphs (block
**    elements), like reflowing.  Vertical alignment.


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