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lynx-dev LYNX: options menu

From: David Combs
Subject: lynx-dev LYNX: options menu
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 09:04:09 -0700 (PDT)

Perhaps this is the wrong subject that I have, is more
general.  But look at this:

  Personal Preferences
  Cookies                          : [5][(2)__ask user__]
  Editor                           : 
  Emacs keys                       : [7]| (1)__OFF |
  Keypad mode                      : [8]| (2)__ON  |and form fields are 
  Line edit style                  : [9]+----------+t Binding___]
  Personal mail address            : 
  Searching type                   : [11][(1)__Case insensitive]
  Show color                       : [12][(2)__OFF___]

Note that for link 7 I have it "expanded".

What is shows when OFF is chosen is "(1) OFF".

Seems to me that that is redundant, showing the (1) also.

SUGGESTION: instead of (1), show the NUMBER OF CHOICES.

That way, orthogonal info is shown in that (scarce) space.

ie, if there are two choices, we know that it is likely boolean 
on/off choice.


maybe "(#2 (of 3))"  or "2/3" or some such.


One neat feature would be some way to make them ALL "expand"
at the same time, growing to several pages worth, just so
we can see what the CHOICES ARE, all at once, instead
of tediously going down the options one by one.

Also, this gives doc on the version you're actually using,
useful when the manual hasn't been updated.


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