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Re: lynx-dev lynx2.8.3dev.4

From: T.E.Dickey
Subject: Re: lynx-dev lynx2.8.3dev.4
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 20:35:54 -0400 (EDT)

> In a recent note, T.E.Dickey said: 
> > Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 22:08:00 -0400 (EDT) 
> > > Why was this change made?  Can it be undone, or must I insert casts at  
> >  
> > I'll recheck, perhaps undo it.  (Either way there'll be some casts, 
> > unfortunately). 
> >  
> > > all places where the (char)<->(unsigned char) happens.  I get ERRORs  
> > > on strlen() and the second argument to strcpy(); WARNINGs on the  
> > > first argument to strcpy(), etc.  
> >  
> Out of curiosity, I added casts at all applied occurences that generated 
> warnings or errors.  I felt this was safer than trying to change the 
> declarations.  This is probably not the right way to do it -- some of 
> the declarations should be changed back.  But, FYI, patch attached. 

I'm inclined to agree (but I'll look closely when I start working on dev.5).
thanks.  (I'd rather keep the number of casts to a minimum - that's what'll
decide it for me).

Thomas E. Dickey

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