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Re: Lynx test cases [Was: Re: lynx-dev non-sticky text inputs

From: Rob Partington
Subject: Re: Lynx test cases [Was: Re: lynx-dev non-sticky text inputs
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 21:55:16 +0100

In message <address@hidden>, 
           Heather writes:
> Heck, I'll even surf the javascript forums and see if I can find some
> scripts which do All Those Popular Things (first on my list are forms
> validation, and "rollover" scripts) with the following requirements 

Can you send me a copy of your list?  I'd be interested in seeing what
people are doing in Javascript for a side-project of mine.

> Anybody want to point me a few samples of sites that could stand to be
> redone in lynx-clean fashion?

Javascripted submit button as a URL instead of using the onSubmit
handler -- it would still work for Javascript enfeebled people but
would miss out on the validation aspect.

> What are we gonna do if people start offering donations, or someone wants
> to sell us ad banners 'cuz we're so glitzy? :D

Take the money and run.
rob partington % address@hidden %

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