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Re: lynx-dev hyphenation

From: Vlad Harchev
Subject: Re: lynx-dev hyphenation
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 1999 04:25:13 +0500 (SAMST)

On Fri, 30 Jul 1999, Heather wrote:

> > On Fri, 30 Jul 1999, Lloyd G. Rasmussen wrote:
> Vlad> > Remember that you don't want hyphenation to be active when saving 
>     > > source files.  I have seen some web pages which were broken because 
>     > > they went through a word processor which broke some lines (including 
>     > > long URLs) at a hyphen.
> Lloyd > Of course. But seems that URLs in rendered output will be the most 
>       > sensitive thing - they are composed of words written without spaces 
>       > - I can't imagine how they will look like.
> When Jim sends his answerguy replies and they must contain URLs, he breaks
> them at found / or ? and ends the line with a space and then \ 
>       The space being, so there's no chance of confuisng the \ into the
>       URL, plus it's easy to read.

 Thanks for pointers.
 Seems it will be impossible to use logic you propose seems given html
text and markup it's impossible (or very difficult) to decide whether the
given string is URL or not. But since most time URLs are the content of <a>
element, hyphenating URL won't be so harmful since target URL (href= value)
will survive. 

 Best regards,

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