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Re: lynx-dev patch to spawn extra lynx's

From: Richard E. Hawkins
Subject: Re: lynx-dev patch to spawn extra lynx's
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 18:01:57 -0500

> > I've noticed that external programs are *not* sent to the background 
> > when launched, but rather that lynx waits for them. Is there some 
> > particular reason for this?  In a windowed environment, spawning seems 
> > more natural.

> EXTERN should be able to do that just fine; first get it to work with
> the '.' key. :)

I can't see why it isn't working now.  My config options are

./configure  --prefix=/usr --libexecdi
r=/usr/lib --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --libdir=/etc --with-screen=nc
urses --enable-8bit-toupper --enable-externs --enable-nsl-fork --enable-cgi-link
s --enable-exec-links --enable-exec-scripts --enable-persistent-cookies --with-z
lib --no-create --no-recursion"

and as I'm reading the docs, --enable-externs and --enable-nsl-fork 
should let me do this, as the . is hard-coded.  But if I hit return  on 
a postscript, it runs gv, while . does nothing.

> My impression is that there isn't much interest in the mouse stuff among
> the regulars here, at least as far as anything more than left-button
> navigation is concerned.  One or two people did the initial patches to
> add more than left button iirc, and by default their design survived.
> The reason that the menu was added for the middle button may just be that
> the right button was already used for more-or-less unconditional PREV_DOC
> by the very first mouse support.

My interest in the mouse would drop real fast with a working ., too :) 
At this point it's only habit to use it for the extra windows.  Come to 
think of it, a key that would "background fetch this link and put it in 
a queue to read would do most of it, too (but there's times when I 
really need two windows open to compare things). The biggie is flagging 
a bunch of pages linked from the same page and having them ready to 
read without waiting for them to load--and without them getting lost 
when I forget to go back after following a link :)

> Maybe you wouldn't find too much resistence if you sugested that middle &
> right button should be swapped, or something like that.  Otoh not everyone
> has three buttons. 

I have to chord to get the middle . . .

> Last I looked the mouse popup worked only with ncurses (and maybe
> OS/2?), not with slang.

I was hacking away at ncrurse.

> If you are happy with <some mouse click> having just the same effect
> as pressing '.', then maybe you don't have to mess with mainloop() at
> all.  I hope you agree that would be preferable. :) 

Yes: there's no such thing as a free lunch, but there is one that 
someone else pays for (or already wrote).

> You would somehow
> have to make LYgetch_for() return '.' or LYReverseKeymap(LYK_EXTERN)
> or LAC_TO_LKC0(LYK_EXTERN) under the right circumstances.  In addition
> to setting mouse_link, which means set_clicked_link needs to get
> called.  Note that there are two incarnations of LYgetch_for,
> (basically) one for slang/unix the other for the rest of the world...

If folks would like it added, I'll code this once I get the . working.  
But I seem to need a hint.



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