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Re: problems for blind users (was: lynx-dev Licensing Lynx)

From: karen lewellen
Subject: Re: problems for blind users (was: lynx-dev Licensing Lynx)
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1999 14:49:59 +0400

hi jane, i'll answer what i can.

On 1999-10-01 address@hidden said:
 ly>On Thu, 30 Sep 1999, karen lewellen wrote:
 ly>> I am a blind user and have used lynx either as a part of delphi,
 ly>>or more  recently as a stand alone driver for a few years
 ly>Do you mean you're now using Lynx32 or Lynx386? Or are you using
 ly>Lynx on a unix shell service that you dial into?

i have yet to learn what lynx 32 requires.  I am using lynx386, a kit which
uses v 2.8.1 of lynx.  i am presently runing DOS but am considering
integrating linux.

 ly>> problem i have had, is not really a problem, just a wish.  many
 ly>>programs  write to the bios, allowing speech to be automatic.  I
 ly>>would love lynx to do  this, saving me the time in using full
 ly>screen commands. I get excellent speech from both Lynx32 and from
 ly>Lynx on my unix shell using asap and a Doubletalk internal speech
 ly>Can you say more? What do you mean by "full screen commands?" What
 ly>speech software and hardware do you use for speech?

i will try and explain.  with some program the speech is writen to the bios,
allowing for automatic, or almost automatic output.  for example net-tame
has a function that allows for this.   granted, i can get wonderful speech
when i use my speech commands, and when i move the cerser keys.  but it will
not read on its own.  i hope that is more clear.  do you get such speech,
and if so what programs are you using?  i am new to this list, and as i
said, still getting a sens of the various personifications of lynx.
as to hardwhere, i have both a dec-talk express and a readingedge.  i am
presently using the edge at the moment.  i am runing busines vision/
wind-vision by artic.

 ly>> on a different note, can lynx deal with real audio?
 ly>Yes. Lynx32 can with a proper plugins/.mailcap file and a proper
 ly>install of Real Audio.

with direct access or as an off-line decoder?

There are several tweaks in your autoexec as
 ly>well. Please

hope this helps some,

make your own kind of music!
Karen lewellen, address@hidden

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