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lynx-dev 'lynx -dont-wrap-pre' switch, SET_SKIP_STACK behaviour

From: Vlad Harchev
Subject: lynx-dev 'lynx -dont-wrap-pre' switch, SET_SKIP_STACK behaviour
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 12:32:57 +0500 (SAMST)

 Hello, Klaus!

 I'm thinking on cleaning up some code I've written. I'd like to know your
opinion on some topics.

 May be you remember the '-dont-wrap-pre' hack I posted monthes ago. You said
that the functionality it provides could be done more reliably by restoring 
the old behaviour (achieved by emitting LY_SOFT_NEWLINE rather than phisically
preventing wraps in lines). I think using old behaviour (via LY_SOFT_NEWLINE)
will be better (it will also cause '+' to be prepended on the wrapped lines to
indicate that they are wrapped - but I think that this should be
controllable with commandline switch as it is now). Do you have any
strong objections to this (or may be you have any other suggestions)? May be 
this should be discussed on lynx-dev?

 As for SET_SKIP_STACK, I think the code at the end of HTML_end_element
shouldn't emit stylechanges (on lss-lynx) if me->skip_stack > 0 at the entry
to this function. At least avoiding emission of colorstylechanges fixes one
bug (I can send you an html file) - since in case of tags that can't be
nested (like 'a'), the call to FastTrim* will truncate the string being hashed
to the empty string (this will leave to the total style leaking in that line).
Hint: if -force-empty-hrefless-a  is activated, such situation will happen
very often. What do you think?

 Seems I have some time for lynx hacking and much fewer time - for cleaning up
the code :)

 Best regards,

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