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lynx-dev special characters

From: Adalbert Goertz
Subject: lynx-dev special characters
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 1999 15:28:45 GMT

Subject : Re: lynx-dev special characters       Reference : NONE 
31-Oct-99 22:51 Adalbert Goertz wrote: 
> hi: 
> re: Foreign characters in LYNX. 
> Can someone direct me to the conversion table that are used 
> in translating special characters like German umlaute etc. 
> to their LYNX equivalents? 
> What is the reasoning of defining LYNX equivalents? 
> If I had the choice, I would define for German umlaute 
> A" to [ 
> O" to \ 
> U" to ] 
> a" to { 
> o" to | 
> u" to } 
> The reasoning for this is thus: 
> I can easily find and replace these 6 symbols into umlaut symbols 
> on my Apple computer. 
1) I see no reason why you are not using a proper display/keyboard codepage 
which will support German umlauts directly (such as iso-8859-1 or so, 
set "display character set" in lynx O)ptions menu according your fonts 
adalbert goertz responds: 
What woould be the "proper display/keyboard codepage" 
for my Apple//GS? 
>>     We need better special character handling on the web 
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