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lynx-dev proposed lynx.cfg change

From: brian j pardy
Subject: lynx-dev proposed lynx.cfg change
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 13:39:43 -0500

Each time I install a new version of Lynx, I add 


to the bottom of the system lynx.cfg.  To me, this is a good way to
keep my local settings that are different from the defaults in

Would anyone have any objection to adding a commented-out line at the
bottom of lynx.cfg that would do just this?  I can't be the only
person maintaining settings between versions this way.

Of course, it's easy enough to append this myself each install, but it
might make the idea more explicit to administrators.

If a group of N persons implements a COBOL compiler,
there will be N-1 passes.  Someone in the group has to be the manager.
                -- T. Cheatham

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